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Savings should never be a question of depositing some spare cash in the nearest bank whenever it's convenient. Most people don't realise that instead of making money, they may be actually losing potential future income. If you are paying more in Deposit Interest retention Tax (DIRT) than you need to, or if you are receiving a lower rate of deposit interest than you could achieve with a different structure or a different institution, then you see what we mean.

Here are a few questions for you:

  • Are you sure that you have the most tax efficient savings plan?
  • Are you sure that you are receiving the best available interest return?
  • Are you giving up too much flexibility to withdraw funds in order to achieve your interest return?
  • Do you have a regular transfer to your savings account?
  • Are you using your savings effectively to build a good profile to support future credit needs?
  • Are you maintaining an efficient balance between savings and investments?
  • Do you have appropriate savings plans in place to provide for specific life events such as education, holidays, retirement, planned purchases?

In fact, if you talk to us, you don't need to know the answers. We will help you to formulate the right questions and to put the right answers in place.


Invest In Your Future...

Particularly in times of relatively low interest rates, investment products become increasingly attractive alternatives for individuals and businesses alike. Generally speaking the key difference between investment products and savings products is that while savings products protect your capital and promise interest, investment products hold out the possibility of greater returns, but also typically carry a downside risk to your capital. In recent years with the advent of tracker bonds and associated products, there are investment products which carry the upside potential of stockmarket movements while securing all of the investor's original capital (or an agreed proportion of it, depending on the product). Such products generally lock in your investment for a substantial period, so you need to be confident that you can afford to set that capital sum aside for a period, typically three to five years.

There is an investment product to suit every situation and every risk appetite. Whether your preference is to invest in a customised portfolio of Irish or international shares, to specialise in particular sectors, to seek high returns from aggressively managed investment funds or unit trusts (bearing in mind that the higher the potential returns the greater the associated risk!), or to seek more modest but reliable returns from a conservatively managed product, we have the expertise to advise you well.

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