Whatever Your House Type, Coolbawn Financial Services Can Design a Mortgage to Suit!

Why deal with Coolbawn Financial Services for your mortgage/re-mortgage?

There are different mortgage types available from the various banks and building societies in Ireland today. Some will be suitable for your specific needs, some will not. By dealing directly with a bank or building society you will only be offered the products of that particular institution. By dealing with us you will get a wide choice of lender, which may actually save you money. For more information on different mortgage types and mortgage options view our Types of Mortgage page.

As Mortgage Brokers, Coolbawn Financial Services can discuss your requirements with you and offer you a choice, not only of mortgage type, but also of lender.

In addition, as Life Assurance Brokers, we can provide you with free access to our database of Insurers we hold appointment with, ensuring that you get the best rates any of them have to offer. (See our Life Assurance section for more details).

Contact us now for more information on how we can help you with your Mortgage arrangements.