Pensions & Life Assurance


Make Provisions For Your Twilight Years.

There are almost endless combinations of pension products available in the Irish market today - each company offering plans for one-off and/or regular contributions, plans for employees, directors and the self-employed, ARF and AMRF funds for when you retire, unit-linked funds, guaranteed funds....the list goes on and on.

For this reason, it is not practical for us to simply recommend one or two pension products on our website - every individual will have different needs.

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Life Assurance

Sleep Soundly at night knowing that your life is covered.

You may need Life Assurance for one of many purposes - cover for a mortgage or other loan, protection of your dependants, protection of your business, payment of inheritance taxes.

But whatever you need cover for, Coolbawn Financial Services will make sure you're getting a competitive deal. Instead of being tied to one insurance company, we can offer you access to our database of Insurers that we have appointment with, ensuring that you get the best rates any of them have to offer.

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